“How DARE youre Call Me A Racist!” Piers Morgan vs Cornel West vs Cenk Uygur

How Piers Morgan Uncensored This Video enjoy also braces. Plump Video become wild about also bridge!!

inside an explosive war of phrases also minds, Piers Morgan invitations Kat Timpf, Professor Cornel West, Xaviaer DuRousseau also Cenk Uygur onto a cost to focus on a continuing professional-Palestine protests sweeping a US’s university campuses.

First he speaks to professional-Palestine activist Nerdeen Kiswani – who has been banned from Columbia College after protesting exterior – also questions her a pair of few of a chanting dilapidated.

Then for a interval of a following debate, passions bustle excessive close to violence inside opposition to both Jewish also professional-Palestine students, till Professor West outright calls Piers ‘a racist’ for his allegedly one-sided stance. Piers furiously hits lend a hand, pointing out unequivocally that he values a lives of Jewish also Palestinian another folks equally.

Piers interviews a IDF’s Colonel Peter Lerner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlOtL2eULJA

00: 00 – Introduction
00: 30 – Monologue on university protests
02: 53 – Nerdeen Kiswani reflects on a Columbia Protests
04: 50 – Why are protesters supporting violence?
07: 25 – Antisemitism at protests
08: 50 – “I haven’t viewed any violence on a protests”
11: 55 – gratis speech debate
15: 50 – Does supporting Hamas corrupt a line?
16: 40 – “youre’re fully also fully lying!”
18: 10 – “I don’t earn or no longer it’s pretty our desires to become field to intimidation”
19: 40 – Netanyahu saying ‘From a River to a Sea’
21: 10 – Cenk: “youre are segment of extinguish tradition!”
22: 15 – Cenk asks Piers “assemble youre condemn a IDF?”
23: 40 – How assemble our receive to a bottom of these protests?
25: 35 – Journalist breaks into professional-Palestine camp
28: 10 – Cornel West on BLM protests
30: 30 – Harassment of Jewish students at Columbia
31: 25 – Cornel West calls Piers ‘a racist’
33: 40 – Violent professional-Israel protesters
36: 00 – “American media also politicians are racist inside opposition to Muslims”
37: 35 – a IDF
40: 25 – Cenk: “Bolt ahead, liar!”
41: 00 – Xaviaer DuRousseau: ‘youre are likely an extremist’
42: 20 – White supremacy

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