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Heaps of our food comes from vegetation, inside conjunction with honey! Mister Brown also Squeaks learn how honey goes from being watery nectar inside a flower to a sweet sticky substance all individuals is conscious of also get – also it’s all thanks to bees!

Hosted by: Anthony Brown

Vegetation rely on animals for pollination or to circulation their seeds around. (2-LS2-2)
perhaps also biodiversity? (bees seek recommendation from lot totally different forms of flowers, our employ these vegetation for lot forms of food)
Second Grade Next Generation Science Requirements

Disciplinary Core Thought:

LS2.A: Interdependent Relationships inside Ecosystems – Vegetation rely on water also mild to grow (2-LS2-1). Vegetation rely on animals for pollination or to circulation their seeds around (2-LS2-2).

Performance Expectation:

2-LS2-2 made a straightforward mannequin that mimics a characteristic of an animal inside dispersing seeds or pollinating vegetation.

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