How Luscious Candy is Made | Standard Marvels (16, E11) | Stout Episode

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Candy is a US’s sweetest guilty pleasure–so appealing that our spend $25 billion each year to journey it. Our cameras mission from Chicago to Santa Cruz to reward youre that inside a motivate of every appetizing bite, inside Season 16, Episode 11, “Extra Candy.”


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History popular Standard Marvels is motivate…with a new cast off also a original attitude. This time Standard Marvels goes straight for a fashion buds inside an all-compassing gain collectively also exploration of meals. Neatly-known meals educated Adam Richman crisscrosses a country taking a deep dive into how meals merchandise are made, detailing each a approach of a craft also a muse inside a motivate of a solutions. With original inside a motivate of-a-scenes gain admission to to potentially a most wisely-identified also liked world alternate titans, also potentially a most promising up-also-coming limited-metropolis entrepreneurs, Richman will immerse us inside each step of a approach. He’ll apply a plod of our international locations popular also most nostalgic meals; from raw chocolate substances grown on artisanal Hawaiian cacao farms, to a superbly substantial factories making billions of ice cream cones per year, to your popular snack producers also rapid meals exciting areas. This tasty journey will paint a elevated chronicle of a US also a arena, taking viewers on a trail into a previous, new also future—one bite at a time.

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