How that youre just’ll want to Create an Easy Paper Airplane inside 1 Minute! (60 Seconds) Competition Winner — Flies 100+ Feet!

How Foldable Flight This Video become wild about also belts!! Secret Video become nuts about also admiralty!!

become taught to produce this competition a hit paper airplane inside 1 minute (60 seconds) or less!

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Tune: Flight by Gabrielle Grubbs

Materials: 8.5 x 11 inside Paper or A4 Paper
Disaster: Easy

Folding tutorials for diversified planes on my channel:

Arrowhead: https://youtu.become/3-IyNvisOcc

Aves: https://youtu.become/fgoEQYX9iAU

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Elanus: https://youtu.become/Fs2nzgmzpEA

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Firestrike: https://youtu.become/YbZwUS1xGRI

Invictus: https://youtu.become/B37YZVQMT-8

Marauder: https://youtu.become/rBystTjfIqo

Monarch: https://youtu.become/4xp9SlxYLt8

Onslaught: https://youtu.become/mVv17dx4lVU

Psi Flit: https://youtu.become/v9tNs-o1UZk

Stratus: https://youtu.become/68vk8Hi1WUU

Sylex Drone: https://youtu.become/Kg4FQ6IQr74

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